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New Class Grand Sale - Thunder Stamp

Note: There may still be changes before the event is released, please refer to the final version.  

Thunder Stamp
Note: Since server LasVegas, Nostalgia and Anima_EU has a long term Credit Rebate event, the total amount of Stamps submitted by players in LasVegas will be divided by 2 and then count the integer. For example, if you submit 3 Stamps in game, it will be divided by 2, that is 1.5, and then count the integer 1. The Stamp you have on the page is 1. 
The event page will be released later, but all the Stamps you submitted will be recored, you can rest asure. 
Duration: March 12th to March 31st
NPC: Thunder Sales Envoy at Twin City (383,435)
You need to get and submit Thunder Stamps in game and then go to offline event page to join the event. You can only get Thunder Stamps from Thunder Packs sold at NPC Thunder Sales Envoy. Check out the details below.  
Thunder Rune Essence Pack
Open to receive 200 Universe Rune Essences (B) and 3 Thunder Stamps.
4900 CPs (B)
Thunder +Stone Pack
Open to receive a +8 Stone (B) and 15 Thunder Stamps.
22999 CPs (B)
Thunder Vital Pill Pack
Open to receive 50 Vital Pills (B) and 3 Thunder Stamps.
4650 CPs (B)
Thunder Permanent Stone Pack
Open to receive a Big Permanent Stone (B) and 3 Thunder Stamps.
4650 CPs (B)
Thunder Mystery Fruit Pack
Open to receive 10 Mystery Fruits  (B) and 2 Thunder Stamps.
3300 CPs (B)
Thunder Ornament Pack
Open to receive a Thunder Tree, a Lovely Thunder Tree, a Florid Thunder Tree, a Thunder Wreath, a Bowknow Wreath and 1 Thunder Stamp. The furniture will disappear on February 28th 2019.
1500 CPs (B)
Thunder Furniture Pack
Open to receive a Snowman, a Deer, and 1 Thunder Stamp. The furniture will disappear on February 28th 2019.
1500 CPs (B)
Thunder Socket Pack
Open to receive 3 Tough Drills (B) and 3 Thunder Stamps.
6000 CPs (B)
Thunder Star Stone Pack
Open to receive 5 Radiant Star Stones and 3 Thunder Stamps.
3900 CPs (B)
Thunder Lottery Pack
Open to receive 100 Small Lottery Tickets and 2 Thunder Stamps.
2699 CPs
Submit the Thunder Stamps to NPC Thunder Sales Envoy, then click Show me the gift list. to go to th offline event page.
You can claim corresponding rewards when you submit the required amount of Thunder Stamps. Check out the details below.
Amount of Stamps (Accumulated)
Bright Star Stone * 2, 15-Day Thunder Garment (B) and Yellow Rune Essence (B) * 50
Bright Star Stone * 4, Senior Training Pill (B) * 10 and Yellow Rune Essence (B) * 100
+3 Stone (B) * 2, Radiant Star Stone * 1, Vital Pill (B) * 12 and Yellow Rune Essence (B) * 150
DB Scroll (B) * 2, Radiant Star Stone * 2, Super Protection Pill (B) * 20 and Yellow Rune Essence (B) * 200
DB Scroll (B) * 4, Radiant Star Stone * 4, Super Protection Pill (B) * 40 and Yellow Rune Essence (B) * 250
10000 Chi Points (B), Splendid Star Stone * 2, Star Drill (B) * 2, Power Eraser (B) * 3 and Yellow Rune Essence (B) * 300
Every 10 after 100
Radiant Star Stone * 2, Yellow Rune Essence (B) * 100, Power Eraser (B) * 1 and 3000 Chi Points (B)
Every 10 after 100: It means that when the amount of Stamps you submitted reaches 100, you will be able to claim a set of rewards every time you submit extra 10 Stamps.
There is also a Stamp Rank, the top 8 heroes who submit the most Stamps will be rewarded. Check out the details below.
Choose 1 Garment from permanent -1% Thunder Harmony, Monkey King Armor and Bright Purple Romance.
300,000 Potency Points
200,000 Chi Points.
Choose 1 Garment from permanent -1% Thunder Harmony and Monkey King Armor.
250,000 Potency Points
150,000 Chi Points.
Choose 1 Garment from permanent -1% Monkey King Armor and Bright Purple Romance.
200,000 Potency Points
100,000 Chi Points.
Permanent -1% Bright Purple Romance
100,000 Potency Points
50,000 Chi Points.
Note: You should submit at least 100 Thunder Stamps to be ranked in Top 8 and win the rewards. The ranking rewards will be sent via mail system within 5 work days after the event ends.
What’s more, there is local Stamp submit rank in each server, the top 1 submitter by the end of the event will be rewarded with a +7 Stone (B) and 30000 Potency Points. The reward will be sent via mail system. 
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