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Classes - Trojan

The Trojan is an all-out offensive melee combat class. Wielding their dual weapons, they charge fearlessly into combat. However, Trojans have low defense compared to Warriors, so have to be careful when taking on mobs of enemies, as they can be overpowered by numerous opponents.

Weapons: Trojans take a variety of melee weapons, especially one-hand weapons. They are able to equip a one-handed weapon at both hands when they reach level 40.

Armor: Their armors are not as heavy as Warrior's armor, but it gives enough protection when tough enemies up close. Typically, Trojans like to kill their enemies instead of giving them a chance to retaliate.

Style: The Trojans have but one special fighting style, the dual weapon style.

Special: The Trojans have unique XP skill which disguises them as a robot and wreaks havoc amongst enemies.

Trojans start out as Interns and don't graduate as a qualified Trojan until level 15. All Trojan promotions are given by the Trojan Star in the Job Center in Twin City.

Level Items Required Promoted Title Promotion Award
15 None Trojan Small Praying Stone(B).
40 None Veteran Trojan Non-reborn: Double EXP Potion (B).
1st reborn: Level 40 Unique Equipment Set(B) (Weapon, Headgear, Armor).
2nd reborn: Level 40 Elite Equipment Set(B) (Weapon, Headgear, Armor).
70 None Tiger Trojan Non-reborn: Level 70 Super weapon.
1st reborn: Level 70 Elite Equipment Set(B) (Weapon, Headgear, Armor).
2nd reborn: Level 70 Super Equipment Set(B) (Weapon, Headgear, Armor).
100 None Dragon Trojan Non-reborn: Normal Dragon/Phoenix Gem.
1st reborn: Super Refinery Pack (B)
2nd reborn: a Dragon Ball.
110 Moon Box Trojan Master Non-reborn: 3 Exp Balls, 3 Triple Exp Potions, +2 Stone, +2 Steed. All are Bound.
1st reborn: a Dragon Ball.
2nd reborn: a Dragon Ball.

Trojan's Skills

XP Skills
As a trojan levels up, he/she will learn the following XP skills:

Skill Name
Hit accuracy tripled during the active period.
Increase attack frequency during the active period.
Disguise as a robot