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Dragon Warrior

Dragon Warrior

They`re the most loyal followers of martial arts, holding Nunchaku tightly and fighting in a free style. To crush the enemies` spirits and skills, they become expert in flash shifting, instant striking, range sweeping, and launching chain hits.

Through the time tunnel, they arrived in the world of Conquer. In the name of King of Kung Fu, they received iron fighting spirit, as well as the duty to defend the truth of martial arts.

With advantages in range attacks and special abilities on recovery and Stamina share, they will become the best teammate in combat.

At the beginning, you'll have the title of Novice Dragon Warrior. As you reach certain levels, you'll be promoted and win higher titles! Abundant rewards await you!








Dragon Warrior

PrayingStone(S) (B)



Expert Dragon Warrior

Non-Reborn: EXP Potion (B), 15-days Garment

1st Rebirth: Level 40 Unique Equipment (B)(Weapon, Hood, Suit)

2nd Rebirth: Level 40 Elite Equipment (B)(Weapon, Hood, Suit)



Elite Dragon Warrior

Non-Reborn: Level 70 Elite Weapon (B), 15-days Garment

1st Rebirth: Level 70 Elite Equipment (B)(Weapon, Hood, Suit)

2nd Rebirth:Level 70 Super Equipment (B)(Weapon, Hood, Suit)



Master Dragon Warrior

Non-Reborn:1 Dragon/Phoenix Gem, 15-days Garment

1st Rebirth: 1 Super Refinery Pack (B)

2nd Rebirth:1 Dragon Ball


 Moon Box

King Dragon Warrior

Non-Reborn: 3 Exp Balls (B), 3 3*Exp Potions (B), +2 Stone (B), +2 Steed (B).

1st Rebirth:1 Dragon Ball

2nd Rebirth:1 Dragon Ball


Dragon Warrior Skills

Dragon Warrior Equipment

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