15th Anniversary Events - Sign in for Rewards

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Paint Paint Paint | Sign in for Rewards | The Mascots

May 10th - May 23rd

Level 80 or above

Officer Jasper (Twin City 314,491)

1. During the event, you can sign in at Officer Jasper once a day.
2. If you sign in 3 days, 6 days, 9 days, 12 days, 13 days and 14 days in a row, you will be rewarded with a nice gift.
3. If you fail to sign in continuously, you’ll have to start over.


Sign in 1 day.

EXP (10*sign-in days) and Study Points

Sign in 3 days in a row

Memory Agate (B)

Sign in 6 days in a row

Endurance Book Pack (B)

Sign in 9 days in a row

EXP Ball Pack (B)

Sign in 12 days in a row

Quest Chance B (B)

Sign in 13 days in a row

Justice Scroll (B)

Sign in 14 days in a row

Sash (S)
  • Anniversary Big Sale
  • Supreme Bound Roulette
  • 15th Anniversary Carnival
  • Anniversary Wishing
  • April Lucky Sale
  • Returning Privileges
  • Pirate Privilege Month
  • Credit Scratchcard
  • New Server - BloomOfDeath_EU Opens on 04/12
  • Super Guild War
  • PK Tournaments Reward Upgrade
Conquer 3.0
CO Poker Club