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New Cards Added to New Year Magic Square Event!

Date: Jan 11 2012 23:15:55 Source: Official Views:

Ahoy, CO shipmates!

In order to celebrate the launch of the new "Invasion of Pirates" expansion, the newly added Point Cards will be updated into the New Year Magic Square event, as well! And you can pay a visit to the event page or check out the updated chart below!

Number*Card Type

Conquer Points

Credits Earned

2xPoint Card 0.99 USD


1 Credit

1xPoint Card 1.99 USD


1 Credit

1xPoint Card 4.99 USD


3 Credits

1xPoint Card 7.99 USD


5 Credits

1xPoint Card 15.99 USD


10 Credits

1xPoint Card 29.99 USD


20 Credits

NOTE: 10 Credits = 1 chance to roll the dice

In addition, the Pirate Shopping Rushis going on, now! You can earn enough credits to try your luck here, as well as purchase those promotional items that your heart desires! What are you waiting for? Join us now!