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Pirate Ranking Contest Begins on Jan. 12th!

Date: Jan 11 2012 18:45:52 Source: Official Views:

Ahoy, mateys!

With the pirates finally landing ashore, a new age of CO is beginning with the new “Invasion of Pirates” expansion! And with this, the CO team is glad to bring out a series of fun events for the players to interact and rejoice at this special time of year!

Who wants to become a captain and be beholden to no man? All newly created Pirates who are below Level 10 can go to the Pirate Ranking Contest page to sign up, and then you can go back to Conquer to train your new class. Doing this, you'll be able to compete with other players on the board and show the world your power!

Duration: 0:00 Jan. 12th - 24:00 Feb. 12th (PST)

Rewards: The Top 3 Pirates on each server will win these awesome rewards!

  1. TOP 1: EXP Ball (Bound) x3, EXP Pill (Bound) x3, Dragon Ball x1, Super Slayer Pistol or Super Speed Rapier Level 120 (Bound) x1, +3 Steed (Bound) x1 , Meteor Scroll x3, +3 Stone (Bound) x3
  2. TOP 2: EXP Ball (Bound) x2, EXP Pill (Bound) x2, Dragon Ball x1, Super Penetrator Pistol or Super Victor Rapier Level 110 (Bound) x1, +3 Steed (Bound) x1, Meteor Scroll x2,+3 Stone (Bound) x2
  3. TOP 3: EXP Ball (Bound) x1, EXP Pill (Bound) x1, Dragon Ball x1, Super Wailing Pistol or Super Blood Rapier Level 100 (Bound) x1,+3 Steed (Bound) x1, Meteor Scroll x1, +3 Stone (Bound) x1

The top 3 pirates on each server can login the event page to claim your rewards, after 24:00 on Feb. 13th (PST).


  1. The player board is updated after 1:00 (PST), everyday.
  2. The player board is first judged by the number of rebirths for each character, and then judged by the character level. The more times you are reborn, the higher rank you will reach. Players who have the same number of rebirths will be ranked by their character levels. For example, a Level 15 2nd Reborn character will be placed above a Level 130 that is only 1st Reborn.
  3. You should be a pure Pirate, which means you should choose the Pirate each time you are reborn, or else you will be disqualified from the Pirate ranking contest.
  4. Players who have reached the same level and have the same number of rebirths will be ranked according to when their characters are created. A character created after another will be placed above the character created before.
  5. Each character only needs to sign up for the contest once.