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Pirates Landing Ashore! New Expansion Launch Now!

Date: Jan 11 2012 16:30:50 Source: Official Views:

For months, all CO fans have been waiting anxiously for the launch date of the latest expansion. Fortunately, the wait is now over! Today marks the official date for the release of the new Invasion of Pirates Expansion! This brings all CO players their eagerly anticipated Pirate class, along with a slew of wicked abilities, a new adventure map, as well as new monsters! For the first time, the western sea bandits are facing off against the eastern assassins! Can you hold up against their fierce onslaught?

The evil Pirate brings an entirely new play style, with new weapons and abilities to use. Players will need every bit of firepower they can get, as bands of evil pirates arrive upon a newly discovered island in search of a dark and mysterious treasure. Of course, it's up to players to ensure that the pirates do not succeed in their mission. It's all up to you!

New Pirate Class – Less PK Points, More PVP Fun!
These vicious barbarians are evil, not just in style, but also in actions - they only get half PK points when killing their enemies, while the chance they have to loot and plunder their enemies' is rather high!

New Weapons and Skills – The Most Challenging and Coolest Combo Skills!
Like the pirates of old, the Pistol and Rapier are their weapons of choice for their climb up the power ladder. The Rapier + Pistol combo skills are extremely powerful, but they are also the most difficult to control. Being a pirate master can be very challenging. Dare you try your skills against these hardened sailors?


New Adventure Zone – Evil Monsters Awaken from the Gale Shallow
Prepare yourself for deep exploration into the heart of the ocean, where countless treasures lie long buried in the dark sea, guarded by monsters only spoken of in myths and tales that keep children awake at night.

Now, let's check out the new launch video!

For those who keep up with the game, the CO team is out to celebrate with a big bang! Players who are interested in art design should pay special attention, as Conquer Online is holding the exciting JOLLY ROGER Design Event, with cash prizes totaling over $3,500 USD (Grand Prize winner to receive $1,500 USD, 2nd Prize: $1,000 and 3rd Prize: $800)! Fans can design their own pirate flags and enter to win these amazing cash prizes! The winning designs will be implemented into the game, and every time another player buys one of these flags, the flag designer will receive 50% of the sale!

Two brand new severs will also be established, and players are going to enjoy endless hours of entertainment with the expansion and the grand celebration events, both online and offline. If you join the game during the expansion, and you will get a Super item pack, which contains a full set of Super gear to help you get started! What more could you need?

With all these incredible things going on, you would be crazy to miss out! We'll see all of you on the beaches, this Jan. 11th!