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Veteran’s Bonus Upgraded

Date: Jan 09 2012 22:47:56 Source: Official Views:

Ahoy, all CO veterans!

The CO team is glad to announce that there will be some nice changes and upgrades made to the Veteran's Pack! With the dreaded Pirates creeping up on us, Returning Players are needed more than ever at this daunting hour!

Are you itching to find out what’s inside the newly designed Veteran's Pack? Here's a sneak peek at what's new and what's hot!

On 10th day:
The veteran who got the Glory Pack will receive a Super Riding Crop instead, also will get a NewMount Armor(B) and a Random Super Gem(B)!
The veteran who got the Returner Pack will receive a Praying Stone(B), 50 CPs(B), Elite Riding Crop(B), a 7-day Tiger Mount Armor and a Random Super Gem(B).

NOTE: The Returner Pack is newly added to the game for all the veterans!

Does that sound terrific? With this new danger on the rise, we need you to come back and fight alongside us! You can check out the detailed list of the items contained in all Veteran's Packs here!