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Magic Squares - Try Your Luck!

Date: Jan 04 2012 23:39:03 Source: Official Views:

Happy New Year to all the CO fans out there! We're glad to announce that another round of Magic Squares will be coming on January 6th! There will be some nice equipment that was recovered from an abandoned Pirate vessel waiting for you to win! What are you waiting for?

From Jan. 6th – Feb. 6th, you can enter the event page to roll the dice and try your luck! Each square you land on the Magic Squares board will lead you to an extraordinary reward! And not only that, each player who reaches the end will earn themselves a big surprise! Will you be one of the lucky ones? Wouldn't you love to check out what's inside the prize box at the finish line? You will have the chance to win Super Pirate weapons, this time!

Duration: 0:00 Jan. 6th - 24:00 Feb. 6th (PST)

Requirement: Credit at least 1 Point Card B / 2 Point Card A / 10 Point Card C from 0:00 Jan. 6th - 24:00 Feb. 6th (PST) to gain enough Credits.
1 Card B = 10 Credits / 1 Card A = 5 Credits / 1 Card C = 1 Credit
10 Credits = 1 chance to roll the dice

NOTE: Players who have not credited Point Cards for 3 months (From PST 0:00 Oct. 6th, 2011 to PST 0:00 Jan. 6th, 2012) will be eligible to gain Bonus Credits (Your credits are doubled), if you credit Point Cards during the event. Each player will be able to gain Bonus Credits only once.

Event Content:
Credit Cards (A/B/C) to gain Credits ---> Login to the event page ---> Roll the dice and try your luck --> Claim your prize!
1. Once you have rolled the dice, we will subtract the appropriate Credit amount.
2. If you close the event page after clicking the dice, you'll lose your game chance.
3. You have to reach the end to be listed in the Rankings. They are determined by the number of times you reach the end.
4. You will login to the game to claim your prizes from the Prize Officer (Market 185,170).
Get yourself some extra loot by walking on the Magic Squares! Come out and have fun with us!