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Notice of Changes for Public Server Test!

Date: Jan 04 2012 00:23:24 Source: Official Views:

Attention, players!

In order to make the experience of testing better for all the players, the server for Public Server Test will be brought down in the next few minutes. Please plan accordingly before the server is brought down for the maintenance.

Players will be allowed to claim a set of +8 2-Socket Super equipment, as well as useful potions. The current server data will be wiped during the maintenance. CPs will not be able to be claimed from the NPCs. These changes will take effect after the server is back online.

NOTE: These will be the final changes made to the Public Test Server. When the testing ends, the server will be shut down. Please keep a close eye on our official site for more info on new servers and testing.

We hope that more players will be able to get involved in the PvP combat, monster hunting, and to explore the other new features that will come along with the upcoming expansion!