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Christmas & New Year Events Coming Your Way!

Date: Dec 12 2011 17:41:51 Source: Official Views:

In celebration of the Holiday Season and New Year 2012, the CO team will bring out a series of new events to let all CO players rejoice and have fun together in game! Starting Dec. 13th, there will be a variety of events available for participation and the players will enjoy them throughout the Holiday Season! During the event time, Christmas Envoy will show up in Twin City (438,346) to serve all participants! You can learn more details by paying a visit to the Envoy!

Highlight of the Christmas & New Year Events!

Christmas & New Year Events – Christmas Gifts
From Dec. 13th to Jan. 3rd, all players above Level 40 can find Lady Sion in Twin City (429,388) and have opportunities to collect toy packs from killing monsters outside. And the toy packs can be swapped for Gold Coins or you can wrap the packs into Christmas Gift to exchange for the Snow Cabinet Pack.

Christmas & New Year Events – Fortune Challenge
From Dec. 13th to Jan. 3rd, all players above Level 40 can talk to Lady Qian in Twin City (429,368) to enter the Festival Park. In there, you’ll have to roll the Lucky Dice every time you move, the number you get means the steps you can take. More paces you made, more coins you get!

Christmas & New Year Events – Fortune Telling
From Dec. 13th to Jan. 3rd, the Fortune-teller will make an appearance in Twin City (437,332), offering Fortune-telling Tokens to all participants. The tokens can be swapped for different gifts. Other than that, you also can kill the monsters to obtain Lucky Spells, which will get you a better gift!

Christmas & New Year Events – Hide and Seek
From Dec. 13th to Jan 3rd, Bunny Girl will show up in Twin City (449,388) to invite you to the event. After accepting the quest, you will be teleported to the Christmas Hall, and missioned to find the Santa Clause! When mission accomplished, Deer Girl in Christmas Hall (95,113) will guide you home.

Christmas & New Year Events – Monster Slaying
From Dec. 13th to Jan. 3rd, Christmas choir has emanated from the world of Conquer so that the Bosses feel the power and weakened. Terato Dragon, Snow Banshee, Sword Master and Thrilling Spook will be easier to kill during this time, and in return you will have the chance to obtain Christmas Pack from annihilating them!

We wish all CO players Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!