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CO Town Hall: Weigh In & Win CPs

Date: Dec 11 2011 22:55:09 Source: Official Views:

With tides eating the beach, the big ships reaching ashore, Pirates will soon make their official debut in the world of Conquer! Before we come to that, your opinions will play an important role as well! In our newly introduced "CO Town Hall", you can weigh in on the New Expansion. By doing so, you'll have the chance to win myriad of CPs! Do NOT let the chance of winning CPs slip through your fingers!

Duration: Dec. 12th – Jan. 12th


  1. Each account has only one chance to submit comments for the official topics everyday.
  2. Each account has 5 chances to reply other people’s comments everyday.
  3. Each account has only one chance to vote for the official topics or other people’s comments everyday.
  4. All the comments are ranked by the votes.
  5. Everyday the system will choose 6 lucky players, who will be able to claim 50 CPs via the event page. The winners list will be released on the page after 24:00 PST everyday.
  6. Each round the top 3 comments of the most votes on each side will win 200 CPs as rewards. Each winner can claim your rewards from the event page when the previous round is over.
  7. Each account can claim your rewards for only once during the event.

For more details, please check out the event page and the first topic to be debated has been well prepared for all CO lovers!