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Hero Recruiting System LIVE!

Date: Dec 01 2011 00:30:52 Source: Official Views:

Do you feel like getting more people involved in interactions with you in the world of Conquer? Do you want to get rewarded just by inviting your friends over to play the game with you? Now is the time for all active players to step up!

Hero Recruiting System fits the need to bring more active players to this world, interacting and playing with each other. In the meantime, the rewards will be given up to those active players who have done the recruiting job!

Before getting things started, we should introduce this new system to all the CO fans out there! Let's get to know some basic knowledge of this new system!

1. How to become a member of Hero Recruiting System?
If you've already signed up for Conquer, just sign in and start the journey as a Recruiter! After being logged in, the journey starts for you to recruit new members to play the game with you!

2. What are Promotion Links for?
There are 3 different promotion links for PC, Mac and iPad versions of Conquer, once you decide which one is suitable for the friend you plan to send, then it's quite simple within a few clicks. After your friend registers an account by the promotion link, you'll receive a certain amount of credits when they achieve the requirements below.


Gained Credits

a new character reaches above Level 70

1 Credit

a new character reaches above Level 110

2 Credits

a new character reaches above Level 110 in the 1st rebirth

3 Credits

a new character reaches above Level 120 in the 1st rebirth

10 Credits

a new character has completed the 2nd rebirth

50 Credits

per Point Card A a new character credited

30 Credits

per Point Card B a new character credited

60 Credits

per Point Card C a new character credited

5 Credits

3. What can these credits be used for?
The credits can be used in 4 ways, including Exchange for CPs, Exchange for gifts, Lottery, and Auctions.

The Hero Recruiting System is not just a part-time job, but an opportunity to change your life! So what are you waiting for? Join us in Hero Recruiting System, now!

For detailed information, please pay a visit here to know more!