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CO 7th Anniversary Expansion Emerging

Date: Feb 23 2010 03:14:29 Source: Official Views:

is honored to announce the New Expansion planned for Conquer Online in 2010! Published in 2003, Conquer Online has now developed into a renowned Chinese style MMORPG immersing millions of players all over the world. During this process, the vibrant and talented player community has been constantly contributing to this long-lasting MMORPG by providing our designers with inspirations for various fantastic new features.

A recent example came on the eve of 2010 when the CO team gave our loyal players a chance to make their New Year's Resolutions in Conquer Online. Now we are glad to inform the community that your resolutions are soon coming true in the form of a new expansion! An ancient legend tells of lost Sub-Classes that will be recovered when evil befalls the land. Now that prophecy is fulfilled: a formidable demon is spreading chaos and havoc in the world of Conquer Online. While the 2 divine dragons of Twin City rested, the demon possessed them and remade them into his powerful puppets. At this moment of crisis, the leaders of the 6 classes united, swearing to save Twin City from this apocalypse.

Following New Dynasty in 2008 and Raiding Clans in 2009, this 3rd expansion will be a special present for the player community in the 7th anniversary of Conquer Online. The upcoming expansion will bring the community major new features which players appealed for in their 2010 New Year's Resolutions; including Pure Class Skills, legendary high grade gear, gritty dungeons, intricate quests, a new class Monk, and much more. The expansion will be released in 3 waves, beginning in April and lasting until the end of 2010. 

For more information about the expansion, please pay attention to the updates on CO's official site.

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  • First Credit Reset
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