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Refinery System Feedback Survey

Date: Feb 11 2010 00:20:13 Source: Official Views:

Conquer Online has released a new gear system - Refinery. This new system enables players to utilize Refining items and grant their equipment extra attributes. There are 9 types of Refinery effects in total, ranging from offensive effects which can help you cause tremendous damage in a flash, to defensive effects which can help you survive under the heaviest of enemy fire. 

Now the CO team would like to collect the community's opinions about the Refinery System so far. We will carefully consider your feedback and improve our products for our loyal players.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

1. Where did you obtain information about the release of the Refinery System?

2. In general, how do you like CO's new Refinery System?

3. If you don't like the system, please specify your reasons for us. (Select all that apply)

4. How many pieces of gear with refinery state do you possess now?

5. From which channels did you obtain your refinery items so far? (Select all that apply)

6. How often do you play CO in a week on average?



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