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New Year Quests - The Spring Festival of Love!

Date: Feb 06 2010 02:33:12 Source: Official Views:

For the upcoming Chinese New Year, Conquer Online has prepared a string of quests for its global community to experience the profound and colorful customs of times past in this Chinese-style MMORPG.

Chinese New Year, also referred to as Spring Festival, is the most important of the Chinese holidays. According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2010 is the year of the Tiger, and this year's Spring Festival happens to fall on February 14, the same day as Valentine's Day.

The Conquer Online 2010 Chinese New Year Quests will start on Feb 11th, and last till Feb 22nd, in which you will have an opportunity to take part in various traditional festivities with other players all around the world! You can set off fireworks for a new year's blessing, join the imperial parade in Twin City and greet friends disguised as various types of monsters! Meanwhile, the deity Lucky Tiger is warning of the danger that is getting close, as the residents of Twin City are all indulging in the celebration. These evil predators are plotting to escape from their cages when the seal becomes weak during the Spring Festival. To prevent these predators from spoiling the gallant celebration, brave adventurers must work together to perform the seal ceremony and send back these monsters to their cages.

From the quests, you can not only earn rich rewards, such as Fortune Packs, Fireworks and Double Exp, etc. but also experience game versions of some customary Chinese New Year traditions.

Plus, Conquer Online will also provide players with some romantic episodes for St Valentine's Day from Feb 12th to Feb 14th. You will be able to help a virtuous fox genie fight prejudice and gain her true happy ending, have a magical tour of Fox Eden in the disguise of a little fox, or just receive a Valentine's Day Timing Bonus from Fox Spirit.

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