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Weekend Tart Maker Event from Jan 30

Date: Jan 26 2010 01:57:00 Source: Official Views:

The weekend Tart Maker Event is coming on Jan 30. During the following 2 weekends, players will be able to make delicious tarts in Twin City.

Time: 00:00, Jan 30 - 23:59, Jan 31; 00:00, Feb 6 - 23:59, Feb 7
Requirement: All players

There are various types of Tarts with different flavors and effects. You can buy the recipes from Ada in Twin City (441,348) and the necessary ingredients and a Mould from Aunt Fang (Twin City, 445,348). However, as eggs are in short supply, you have to find this ingredient from the Pheasants, Flying Roosters and Turtle Doves that roost outside of Twin City. After all the necessary ingredients are ready, you can ask Lena (Twin City, 453,348) to help you make the delicious tarts!

One more thing, there are rumors about there being some special recipes for tarts around. To see about making them, you need to find out about a special Spice from Phylis. Figure it out and show it to the Recipe Officer A or B (Twin City, 443,343 and 449,343), where you may be able to get a special reward!

Tart Maker Event Guide

Note: The event applies to both CO 2.0 and Classic servers.