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CO Horse Racing Tournament Revealed

Date: Jan 18 2010 03:31:57 Source: Official Views:

The new CO Horse Racing mini-game will open at the beginning of February. Skillful riders will be able to join in this exciting horse race, to compete for precious Refinery items!

Anyone who possesses a steed and has learned the mount skills is eligible to sign up for the tournament. In this fun filled event, you will find various types of items along the course; some can be used to boost your own mount, while others can cause a disaster to slow yourself and your opponents down! Using these items correctly is the key to winning the race! Just take a look at the Horse Racing Tournament trailer below.

Before the launch of this exciting tournament, a special sale will be held for adventurers to prepare their mounts. The sale will begin at 17:00, Jan 27 and last until 17:00, Feb 8. During that time, players can purchase a series of Value Packs from the Promotion Specialist (Twin City 421,361). All of you will be able to obtain various kinds of fabulous steeds and items at a discount price!

Note: The sale applies to both CO 2.0 and Classic servers.

Click here for the sales catalog.