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Rice Porridge Festival Quest Coming on Jan 21

Date: Jan 14 2010 22:00:16 Source: Official Views:

The "La Ba" Rice Porridge Festival is a traditional Chinese celebration for people to offer up sacrifices and gifts to their ancestors, and to pray to heaven and earth for a good harvest and good luck for their family. This holiday falls on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, and for 2010 it will fall on January 22nd. To practice the customs of this holiday, the CO team will provide the community with 2 special quests in the theme of the Rice Porridge Festival from Jan 21st to Jan 26th.

Rice Porridge Event
Server Time: Jan 21 0:00 to Jan 26 23:59
Requirement: Level 20 and above
NPC: Porridge Master (Twin City, 440,352)

In this quest, players will be able to make the symbolic food of this festival - Rice Porridge! They will collect the essential ingredients for the porridge, such as rice, beans, dried nuts and meat by slaughtering monsters throughout the world of Conquer Online. Bring these ingredients to the Porridge Master, and he will cook up a delicious and magical porridge for you.

Porridge Crisis Event
Server Time: Jan 21 0:00 to Jan 26 23:59
Requirement: None
NPC: Flavored Egg Chou (Twin City, 458,364)

But that's not all, because Flavored Egg Chou is recruiting volunteers to help her get back the Flavored Eggs she made for her extra special Rice Porridge recipe. Her flavored eggs were carried off by 10 stampeding animals that ran through Twin City recently. Hunt down those animals as Chou requests, and you will get a Lucky Egg as reward!

Note: The 2 quests are for both CO 2.0 and Classic servers

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