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Refinery System Video Unveiled

Date: Jan 13 2010 01:18:55 Source: Official Views:

Powerful gear is always the ultimate pursuit of fighters who are aiming to dominate the continents of the Middle Kingdom. Now a long-lost craft has been rediscovered to grant common gear magical augmentations, the Refinery.

Here comes the latest video demo of the Refinery System. Meanwhile the CO team has to inform you that the release of the Refinery System as well as Horse Racing is postponed to the beginning of Feb.

This ancient skill can utilize Refining items to grant equipment extra attributes. According to the Type and Quality of the Refining item, the effects of the Refinery will be varied. There are 9 types of Refinery effects in total, ranging from offensive effects which can help you cause tremendous damage in a flash, to defensive effects which can help you survive under the enemy fire. 

Intensification Increases Max HP.
Detoxication Reduces damage from Poisonous attacks.
Critical Strike Has a chance to make a Physical Attack for 1.5x damage. Bonus Attack from Talismans won't be increased.
Skill Critical Strike Has a chance of doubling a Magical Attack. Bonus Attack from Talismans won't be increased.
Penetration Reduces the target's Magical Defense, which will increase Magical damage the target takes.
Immunity Reduces the target's chances of activating Critical Strike and Skill Critical Strike.
Block Has a chance to reduce Physical Damage by half. Damage dealt by Talismans can't be reduced.
Breakthrough Has a chance to exceed Max Attack when the enemy has a higher BP.
Counteraction Makes the target unable to exceed Max Attack.

Refining items have 5 quality levels (Normal, Refined, Unique, Elite and Super), and so there will be five levels of Refinery. A higher Refinery level guarantees a better buff. You can obtain such items in the Honor Store of the Arena and from several quests. After using a Refining item on a piece of equipment, the equipment has a buff for 7 days. Before the Temporary Refinery State expires, you can utilize Permanent Stones to make the effect permanent, a process called Stabilization.