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New Classic Server Prosperity on Jan 21

Date: Jan 08 2010 00:48:58 Source: Official Views:

To express our appreciations to CO's veterans, the CO team launched the Classic CO project. The 2 Classic CO Servers, Liberty & Royalty, were opened at the end of 2009 and have won a great success by far.

Now we are honor to announce the 3rd Class CO server, Prosperity, will be opened at 17:00, Jan 21st PST. The server, hosted in America, will bring back the original taste of Conquer Online.

The major changes for Classic CO are as follows:

  1. No Shopping Mall
  2. No Battle Power System
  3. No DB Leveling
  4. No DB Socketing for "non-weapon" gear or the 2nd socket for weapons
  5. No Talismans
  6. Toxic Fog is removed from the Ninja skills
  7. Gems drop rate from monsters increased
  8. PK is allowed in Twin City.

Join in the battle royal in the new classic server Prosperity!