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January Preview: Refinery & Horse Racing

Date: Jan 04 2010 19:55:39 Source: Official Views:

2010 has arrived and at the beginning of Conquer's 7th anniversary, 2 amazing new features, Refinery & Horse Racing, will be soon released as the epilogue of the Raiding Clans expansion. Also, players will be able to join in various events in January to win bounteous rewards and vividly experience traditional Chinese culture.

For 2010, more fabulous new stuff is under development, aiming to provide CO's vibrant community a refreshing gaming experience. Before unveiling those mysteries, let's have a look at what we have in store for you this January.

Powerful gear is always the ultimate pursuit of fighters who are aiming to dominate the continents of the Middle Kingdom. Now a long-lost craft has been rediscovered to grant common gear magical augmentations, the Refinery.

This ancient skill can utilize Refining items to grant equipment extra attributes. According to the Type and Quality of the Refining item, the effects of the Refinery will be varied. There are 9 types of Refinery effects in total, ranging from offensive effects which can help you cause tremendous damage in a flash, to defensive effects which can help you survive under the enemy fire. 

Intensification Increases Max HP.
Detoxication Reduces damage from Poisonous attacks.
Critical Strike Has a chance to make a Physical Attack for 1.5x damage. Bonus Attack from Talismans won't be increased.
Skill Critical Strike Has a chance of doubling a Magical Attack. Bonus Attack from Talismans won't be increased.
Penetration Reduces the target's Magical Defense, which will increase Magical damage the target takes.
Immunity Reduces the target's chances of activating Critical Strike and Skill Critical Strike.
Block Has a chance to reduce Physical Damage by half. Damage dealt by Talismans can't be reduced.
Breakthrough Has a chance to exceed Max Attack when the enemy has a higher BP.
Counteraction Makes the target unable to exceed Max Attack.

Refining items have 5 quality levels (Normal, Refined, Unique, Elite and Super), and so there will be five levels of Refinery. A higher Refinery level guarantees a better buff. You can obtain such items in the Honor Store of the Arena and from several quests. After using a Refining item on a piece of equipment, the equipment has a buff for 7 days. Before the Temporary Refinery State expires, you can utilize Permanent Stones to make the effect permanent, a process called Stabilization.

Refinery System Guide

Horse Racing
Following the popular Texas Hold'em Poker, another mini game, Horsing Racing, will soon be opened. Skillful riders will be able to join in this exciting horse race for precious Refinery items.

As long as you have a steed and have learned the mount skills, you can sign up for the tournament. However, owning a high lineage steed doesn't guarantee you have a higher chance to win the match. In this hilarious event, you will find various types of items along the course; some can be used to boost your own mount while others can cause a disaster to slow down yourself and your opponents. So using these items correctly is the key to winning the race!

Horse Racing Event Guide

Rice Porridge Festival Quest
Laba Rice Porridge Festival is a traditional Chinese festival for people to give sacrifices to their ancestors, and to pray to heaven and earth for a good harvest and good luck for their family. The festival falls on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month and for 2010, it will fall on January 22nd.

To practice the customs of this holiday, players will be able to make the symbolic food of this festival - Rice Porridge. You will collect the essential ingredients of the porridge, such as rice, beans, dried nuts and meat by slaughtering monsters through the world of Conquer Online. After the porridges are successfully cooked, you can choose to consume them yourself, or exchange for rewards from the NPC.

Weekend Quests
There will be 2 quests for the weekends of January, the Star Crystals Event and the Cake Making Event. The Star Crystals Event will be hosted on January 9th-10th and January 16th- 17th, during which players can kill monsters around the Altars in the 4 regions of CO to collect star crystals. The popular Cake Making Event will also return on January 30th-31st and February 6th-7th. This time you will find more special recipes for delicious cakes!

Labyrinth Permit Quest
The Labyrinth Permit Quest has been released on January 4. The emperor's prince and princess were kidnapped by a group of Lapidating Mobs who are plotting to usurp the throne. To save the empire from this crisis, the Twin City Captor is recruiting brave adventurers to rescue the 2 royal hostages. In return for rescuing the prince and princess, you will be awarded the Labyrinth Permit, which will allow anyone to enter the Treasure Labyrinth Quest for free!

Apart from these in-game updates above, the CO team has also prepared various offline events. Please check the table below:

January Offline Events
Summon Old Friends Back
Achievement System(Updated)
Swap Online Time for New Year Gifts
New Year Wishing Tree
Gain New Year Gifts by Crediting Cards
Valentine's Event