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Water & Fire and Sapphire & Emerald to Be Merged

Date: Dec 21 2009 03:46:35 Source: Official Views:

Attention, players!

We are glad to announce that all accounts contained on Water will be moved to the Fire server on Dec 23 01:00 GMT, and all accounts contained on Sapphire will be moved to the Emerald server on Dec 22 17:00 PST.

The Fire/Water and Emerald/Sapphire server will be rewarded with 7 days' double experience after the merge.

Fire/Water: Dec 23 01:00 - Dec 30 08:00 GMT
Emerald/Sapphire: Dec 22 17:00 - Dec 30 00:00 PST

How to get Double EXP?

Find GuruTodd (Twin City, 441,377) and talk to him, he will give you one hour of Double Exp time for free! You can get more free Double Exp time as often as you like during this event!

If you have an account on these 4 servers, this could affect you. For more details about this server merge, please click here.

Below is a list of suggestion on what to do after the merge is complete.

Log into the new Fire and Emerald server and check your account and character.

If you find that “[Z+ number]” has been added to your character name (done to avoid duplicate character names) you may change your character's name one time. The character-renaming page is only available for one week after the merge.

There is NO Character Transfer any more. If you have an account and own characters on both servers, only ONE character is preserved. Which character remains is determined by these factors, as listed in order of importance:
Has more Conquer Points.
Has been reborn.
Has higher level.
Created Earlier.
The other character is deleted and can NEVER be restored.
  • Limit-Time Credit Rebate
  • January Month Card
  • Bunnies Bounce, Spring Comes!
  • New Year Rabbit Training
  • Treasure Hunt
  • VassalsRise Prestige Rank
  • January Grand Sale
  • First Credit Reset
  • Vassals Rise, Strife Follows
  • Supreme VIP Center
  • New Server Mythforging
  • Wall of World Prestige
  • Ethereal: New Epic Arma