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Christmas Prospective Quests Coming

Date: Dec 02 2009 02:08:26 Source: Official Views:

Christmas is now celebrated as an important festival and public holiday in many countries. While children are expecting Santa Claus for their gifts, adults are looking forward to a little rest and relaxation after a long year.

Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Christmas stockings and Christmas ornaments, what else would you prepare for this Christmas? What do you guys think CO would do on this special day?

Christmas Prospective Quests are coming on Dec 5 as the first wave of celebrations!


Grandpa Wilson (Twin City 449,338) has been appointed to distribute Christmas Candies to you guys. But he is now lacking materials and is in need of your help. You must give him a hand not only for your reward, but your kind-hearted deeds will enable COers to receive special rewards on Christmas! How do you aid this old man? Click here to learn.

Time: Dec 5 0:00 – Dec 24 23:59
Requirement: Level 40 and above
Server: All.

What's more? Please keep an eye on more quests and Christmas Shopping Rush.

Note: Christmas Shopping Rush will only apply to CO 2.0 servers.

  • Limit-Time Credit Rebate
  • January Month Card
  • Bunnies Bounce, Spring Comes!
  • New Year Rabbit Training
  • Treasure Hunt
  • VassalsRise Prestige Rank
  • January Grand Sale
  • First Credit Reset
  • Vassals Rise, Strife Follows
  • Supreme VIP Center
  • New Server Mythforging
  • Wall of World Prestige
  • Ethereal: New Epic Arma