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Carnival Mask Event Starts on Nov 21

Date: Nov 19 2009 23:29:22 Source: Official Views:

To celebrate Thanksgiving Day, the CO team brings back the popular Twin City Carnival events for the community of Conquer Online in November.

During this upcoming weekend, you will be able to join in the Carnival Mask Event to carve a magical mask and transform yourself to different kinds of monsters. To obtain the magical mask, players have to collect a piece of wood as material from Trunks outside Twin City. Then you can curve the mask and dye it with different types of Dye. Depending on the quality of your mask, you will able to transform into a certain monster for 60 seconds.

Carnival Mask Guide

Also, the Joy Coin Event will be available again, in which you can hunt monsters through the continents of Conquer Online for the magical Joy Coins and exchange 3 coins for a chance to draw from a special lottery, or you can use those coins to claim a prize.

Carnival Joy Guide

Time: 0:00, Nov 21st to 23:59, Nov 22nd
Requirement: Level 40 or above

Note: The event only applies to CO 2.0 servers.