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The Gallant Return of Classic CO

Date: Nov 18 2009 20:33:14 Source: Official Views:

The CO team is honor to announce that the 1st Classic CO server - Liberty has been successfully launched. Now flocks of players have started their new adventures in the new classic server, and considering this inspiring situation, we can expect the 2nd European server would be launched in the near future.

Meanwhile, we would like to make some explanations about players' concerns about the Classic CO.

  1. The Battle Power system is abolished in Classic CO. The Battle Power on your character's interface is a display of vacuity and does not affect the result of PvP.
  2. There are no Talismans in Classic CO, though the slots on the equipment interface are preserved.
  3. The DB & CP exchange service will be released on Saturday, Nov 21st.
  4. The Equipment Bonus Quest Series is unavailable for Classic CO. The Trainer's Letter will be removed soon.

For other problems & suggestions about Classic CO, you can submit to CO Official Forum or contact with CO Help Desk.