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Results of CO SGW, Final Round!

Date: Nov 16 2009 01:16:16 Source: Official Views:

Launched on Oct 17, the 4th Super Guild War has met its end on Nov 15, which lasts for nearly one month. During this period, many great martial masters are born, many legends come true, many heroes make their appearance. The SGW is really an epic, which is written in blood and blade, magic and will, fortune and doom, love and betrayal, by all CO players! Hereby, we sincerely believe that, all guilds have their fabulous stories and the sad histories behind them.

Again, let's honor the guild leaders and the good old days.

Click here to view all winners of the gold prize!

BTW, our PvP video contest ends at Nov 30. We are anticipating more execllent videos from you guys here.