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Pumpkin Smash Update

Date: Nov 09 2009 22:49:18 Source: Official Views:

Stay online everyday to add up your online time! The rate to win your present is 100%! Now we have 3,000 partakers daily, including some Tough Drill obtainers. And you might be the next lucky winner!

How to get involved?

  1. You should login on the event page with your account, then login the game to accumulate your online time.
  2. Time Calculation will start at PST 0:00 and end at PST 24:00 of the same day. The calculation and accumulation of online time applies only to normal logins/logouts during this period.
  3. Every round lasts for 3 days, and you should login on the event page within 3 days after the end of the previous round to check and exchange the chances of Pumpkin Smash. For example, if you have got online time lasting from Nov 8 to Nov 11, you need to exchange the time for the chances on the event page between Nov 11 and Nov 14, and don't hesitate to make full use of the chances in 3 days.


  1. Online time refers to your normal login and log out operation. An abnormal result, such as server down or disconnection may cause some problems towards your result.
  2. No more than 5 daily chances for Pumpkin Smashing per player.
  3. The 4th round lasts from Nov 8 to Nov 11. You can check your online time and smash the pumpkins for your gifts during Nov 11 to Nov 14.