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Weekend Cake Baking & Double Exp Events

Date: Nov 05 2009 20:27:44 Source: Official Views:

During August, the CO team provided players with a splendid Twin City Carnival which consisted of several quests inspired by CO's talented community. Now, this popular event is returning to Twin City! For the first 3 weekends of November, players can take part in one of the carnival events to have fun and win amazing rewards!

Carnival Cake Baking
Time: Nov 7th 0:00 to Nov 8th 23:59
Requirement: Level 40 or above

This weekend, you can join in the Carnival Cake Baking event! For this event, you will able to gather various materials by hunting monsters, and bake 4 styles of cakes. For these cakes, you can consume them for an Exp bonus, or exchange them for Joy Coins which can be used in a special lottery!

Carnival Cake Baking Guide

Meanwhile, there will also be a Weekend Double Exp Event. It is a great opportunity for players to enhance their characters. Also, the 4th round of the 4th Super Guild War will begin at 14:00, Nov 6, and last to 20:00, Nov 7 (PST). The Martial Arsenal has been updated to make guild wars more balanced and intense. Adventurers, try the new rules yourselves!