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CO Ghost Festival Event 2009

Date: Sep 09 2009 22:48:32 Source: Official Views:

Once a year, the Chinese Ghost Festival falls on the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month. Much like Halloween in the west, it is a celebration in honor of our dead ancestors and pacifies any lonely earth-bound spirits that are looking to cause trouble.

The entire seventh month of the Chinese Lunar calendar is called the Ghost Month. It is said that the gates of Hell will open this month to release ghosts and spirits onto an unsuspecting world. Some even say evil spirits will go searching for innocent souls to take their place in purgatory. Therefore, people stage street operas and other forms of public entertainment to keep the ghosts away. Others host rituals to try to help the spirits cross over.

This year, CO has prepared a very special Ghost Festival Event for you to experience a traditional Chinese Ghost Festival. This event comprises of 2 quests. Players who complete both of them will be receiving special Nirvana boxes of Ghost Festival treats! Want to know what the secret gifts are? Oh, you will see! You won't be disappointed! Just a little tip, you will probably get a horse as present! Hopefully it will be faster than the ghosts!

So, make sure you don't miss out on this once a year event!

More details will be coming up soon!

Duration: 00:00, Sep.12th - 23:59, Sep.18th (PDT)
Requirements: level 40+
Prizes: Nirvana boxes.

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