CO Festival Quests Survey

Date: Sep 02 2009 21:38:51 Source: Official Views:

Dear Players,

From 2008, the TQ team has prepared various festival quests for the CO community, the majority of which are in the theme of the traditional Chinese festivals. In these quests, we provided players with the opportunity to experience an immersive storyline, have a glimpse of an exotic culture, as well as earn bounteous rewards.

Now we would like to carry out a general survey of the community's opinion about these special quests. According to your feedback, the TQ team will improve our events and provide you with more fantastic quests in the future!

Many thanks for your cooperation!

1.  Of the festival quests below, which one(s) do you like? (Multiple Choice)

2.  In general, how many hours did you spend on each festival quest per day?

3.  Which factor(s) are the most critical in deciding whether you participate in a festival quest? (Multiple Choice)

4.  Please feel free to leave your suggestions about CO festival quests below.



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