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Garment Promotion Plan Survey

Date: Jul 13 2009 00:45:14 Source: Official Views:

To provide our players with more diverse customization options, the CO team has designed various garments in many different themes. For the release of the expansion "Raiding Clans", we are planning to host a special unveiling of these posh garments. You will be able to purchase your favorite clothes at very attractive price in the CO Shopping Mall!

Now we would like to carry out a survey to collect our players' opinions on this upcoming sale. Tell us what you want, and we will keep it in mind! Thanks for your long-term support.

1. What is your gender?

2. Do you like garments?

3. How many garments have you possessed?

4. Where did you obtain your garment(s)?

5. Which color do you like best?

6. Which style of garment do you prefer?

7. Are you interested in designing your original garments for CO?

8. Would you accept renting garments for a certain time period from the Shopping Mall at a lower price?

9. Which garment promotion scheme do you feel would be more attractive to you in the CO Shopping Mall?



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