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Botjail General Pardon

Date: Jul 06 2009 00:18:28 Source: Official Views:

Attention players,

In order to provide all players a fair gaming environment, the CO team is waging a campaign against botters in Conquer Online. Now, we have achieved a significant victory in stopping 2 major bot programs in CO, CID and 5bot, due to violations of the intellectual property rights of .

To celebrate this landmark victory and the coming of the Raiding Clans expansion, the CO team has decided to grant a general pardon to all players in Botjail. We hope the general pardon can provide all players who love Conquer Online with an opportunity to experience the fun of the long-awaited Mount System and the new map - Frozen Grotto. From July 6, 2009, all prisoners in Botjail can talk to the Warden to leave the Botjail for free. Please make sure your client is clean before logging into the game again!

will adopt stricter regulations to tackle with both bot users and makers. Recently, hundreds of accounts which involved in cheating have been banned. Let's all work to maintain the game together, and keep CO free of botters while we enjoy the fantastic events coming in July!
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