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Raiding Clans Expansion: Clan System & Frozen Grotto

Date: Jul 01 2009 03:27:11 Source: Official Views:

The CO team is glad to confirm the highly anticipated Raiding Clans Expansion will be released on July 16th, 2009!

In this epic expansion, players will get their chance to try out the long-awaited mount system. According to the feedback from the player community, our designers have redone the visuals for the horse, and we think they're looking pretty nice! These redesigned war horses are waiting for their masters to charge out on the world of Conquer Online!

Apart from the steeds, the Raiding Clans will also bring players 2 more major features - the Clan System and a new region, the Frozen Grotto.

Clan System
The Clan System will allow adventurers to set up their exclusive inner circles and share the privileges of clan membership. First of all, clan members can receive bonus Battle Power, which can grant them an overwhelming advantage in PvP combat. Furthermore, after joining a clan, married couples will be able to share the damage taken by her/his spouse during battle. Last, but not least, clan members will have an exclusive chat channel to share their secrets and strategies.

Frozen Grotto
There will also be a new region emerging in the Raiding Clans expansion - the Frozen Grotto. In this dark and frozen underground world, ancient demons are waking up from the thousand-year sleep. These hungry monsters are longing for fresh blood to warm their frozen bodies. Meanwhile, this dangerous dungeon is also an ideal place for the top adventurers to enhance their power and chase down some epic treasures.

The Clan System and Frozen Grotto will be released together, along with the Mount System, on July 16. Adventurers, get yourselves ready for the coming challenges!