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Steed System Skills Preview

Date: Jun 24 2009 23:20:48 Source: Official Views:

In this July, the long-awaited Steed System will be released alongside the new expansion, Raiding Clans! These steeds will accompany their masters as they journey across the vast continent of the Middle Kingdom. However, these horses' appearances and attributes are quite varied, and all determined by their lineage. Now, we will reveal more in-depth information about the influence of the lineage.

To start with, adventurers can choose to slaughter some Cattle Thieves who are carrying saddles to acquire their first horse. Alternatively, purchasing from a cattle merchant is also an easy way to get yourself a horse. But remember, these are only common horses, with a low lineage level. Compared to the real thoroughbred steeds, they have several disadvantages.

First of all, a horse's Speed and Vigor are determined by its lineage. The higher the lineage is, the faster it can be. When you ride on your horse and trot on the field, the Vigor of the horse will be consumed. When the Vigor drops to 0, you have to let the horse rest before it will be ready to trot again. So, with the higher lineage level, a horse can move faster, for longer.

When encountering enemies, players are unable to attack while mounted, and have to dismount to engage in combat. If you choose to avoid doing battle with a swarm of monsters, horses of any rank are able to get you out of harm's way. However, attacks from other players could make you fall off your mount. In these critical moments, only the pure lineage steeds would be able to endure fatal attacks without leaving their master behind to fend for themselves. Therefore, during the fierce PvP combat, a high lineage-level steed is vital for adventurers to give chase to their enemies or retreat safely from the battlefield.

Another advantage of the high-lineage steed is the number of accessible regions. For those humble horses, players can only summon them outside the towns. Only those steeds with higher than a lineage level of 4 are allowed to enter the towns. Furthermore, rare steeds with above a 6 lineage level can even accompany their master to parade around the crowded Market.

Finally, with a noble steed, you can dismount your opponents who are riding common horses with the Spook and War Cry skills. Spook can cause someone with a lower lineage level horse to be knocked down, while War Cry can affect a whole group of riders! These 2 skills clearly demonstrate those noble steeds' prowess and dignity.

By now, the main features of the Steed System have been revealed. These marvelous horses are patiently waiting for their masters to begin a legendary adventure. This July, summon your steed with the Raiding Clans!