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World Channel Survey

Date: Jun 23 2009 01:37:43 Source: Official Views:

To help make our in-game community more communicative, we brought the World Chat Channel into our game. It is easier for you to congregate with your clans, friends, and fans etc, no matter where you are. Also, you will be possible to make many new friends with all the other players who just might like your expressions or thoughts.

It is our aim to unite the game community. However, we found that recently some players are using this World Chat Channel to spread insults and spam/flame others. We are very sorry for this, and hope that all of the sensible and considerate players will restrain themselves from adding this negative influence into the game. We sincerely hope that we can have a more civilized game society.

We are always trying to make our game better and better, so we've made this survey to collect your opinions on the World Chat Channel. Many thanks for your feedback!

Note: You can use the Chat Option to display or hide the World Chat Channel.

1. Do you like the World Chat Channel?

2. If no, why don't you like the World Chat Channel?