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Carnival Dance Contest Video Making Tips

Date: Jun 16 2009 18:41:30 Source: Official Views:

To celebrate the release of the new expansion, "Raiding Clans", the CO team is bringing the 2009 CO Carnival Dance Contest to the community! From May 22nd to July 31st, players can simulate the dance moves that appear in CO and broadcast the clips on the CO YouTube Group.

To encourage more players join in this fantastic event, the CO team has prepared a set of YouTube Video Making Instructions. Just follow the steps, you can easily record and upload your dancing clips.

Don't hesitate! Join in the ball now.

Tips for Making YouTube Videos

Firstly, record the dance video in your mobile phone or DV. Secondly, copy the dance video to your computer. You can edit the files of video through Windows Movie Maker or other video editing programs, such as: Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, etc.  We recommend you download Fraps, if you want to directly record videos in your computer. Last but not least, you can learn how to optimize your dance video from YouTube.

  1. Download Fraps through the link.

  2. Choose the following programs to edit your video files.

  3. Login YouTube.

  4. Click "Upload Video File".

  5. Press "Upload Video" to select and upload a video file.

  6. Add Video Name and Description, and edit Privacy Settings.

  7. You can find the dance video you submitted through "My Videos". Click "Play" to watch your dance video.

  8. Click "share" or copy the URL of the YouTube video to share your dance with your friends.