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Raiding Clans Steed System Preview 3 - Lineage System

Date: Jun 05 2009 01:04:16 Source: Official Views:

In the latest Raiding Clans expansion, Conquer Online's players will obtain their trusty steeds and saddle up for a legendary journey. In previous news, we unveiled these horses that possess various appearances and unique attributes. A distinguished steed will not only glorify your profile, but more importantly, will help you with the rare attributes needed to dominate the world of Conquer Online. This time, the CO team will reveal the details of steed breeding - the Lineage System.

In the very beginning, players can only obtain the horses with a common lineage. These common horses are available in 3 colors: white, black, and maroon. To produce the spirited steeds with a gorgeous appearance and unique attributes, you have to carefully craft the horse's pure lineage. Players can utilize 2 horses to breed 1 new offspring, with the lineage of the 2 parents to be transferred to the new colt. In this procedure, the horse's lineage will be enhanced. There are 12 levels for the Lineage Degree, and each level will increase the rider's Battle Power by 1. Moreover, the Lineage will affect the speed and endurance of the steed, as well as other critical attributes of the master, such as physical/magic attack and HP.

While the attributes of the horse abide by the inherited rule, the appearance would change dramatically due to genetic mutations. This will generate the gorgeous steeds with various looks and style. With this elaborate Lineage System, players will be able to bread their own steeds with unique characteristics.

In the forum, the Steed Naming event is to be continued! This time, 2 more rare steeds are waiting for our players to don them with their own unique names. Apart from that, the CO team is recruiting the design concept for another highly anticipated new feature - a NEW REGION for Conquer Online! We welcome players to submit their ideas in the forum thread. Our designers will implement the best blueprints and present them to the CO community.

Patience is a virtue! Soon, you can start a brand-new journey with your spirited steed in this long-lasting MMO, Conquer Online!

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