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Mother's Day Events Coming Soon

Date: Apr 28 2009 00:10:43 Source: Official Views:

Mothers make the world go round. Mothers nurture, love, teach, and inspire. Mothers protect and give. On this upcoming Mother's Day, your mom deserves more than just a "Thanks, mom". She deserves something special!

Need a little help preparing for the big day? Well, don't bother going out of your head trying to think of something! Check what we've got for you!

The Sweetest Mother's Smile
A mother's smile is the biggest comfort to her child, and it's the most touching sight in this world! This year, we would like to encourage all the players to show their moms' most beautiful smiles and share them with us!

Mother's Day Wallpaper & E-Card
The greeting cards! Of course we won't forget this part! It's the best way to express your gratitude and love for your mom, isn't it? The CO TEAM will prepare some elaborate E-cards for our players, so they can send them out to their own loving mothers. Also, the Mother's Day wallpapers are available for our players now! Click here to see more!

The Mother's Day Online Event - The Prodigal Son
Filial morality has always been one of the most important Chinese moral and ethical principles. There are many old Chinese stories in history about the bonds between family, and this time, we have a quest adapted from one of them. It's about a dutiful son, who always gives his mom the best care, even though he might not be the best person. From May, 8th - May, 11th, you can take the quest from the NPC. Big prizes are waiting for you!

More Mother's Day Event news will be coming soon! Stay tuned!