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CO Quiz Show Questions Update

Date: Apr 24 2009 18:08:25 Source: Official Views:

The CO team is glad to announce that our hot event, the CO Quiz Show, is soon to be updated with all new questions! From this event, you can get extra EXP, receive an honorable title, and satisfy your quiz fever!

The current questions in the event are basically general Conquer's knowledge. This time, over 1000 questions will be added to the question pool, all about culture, geography, history, and general knowledge topics. Therefore, our players cannot just rely on their extensive CO knowledge, but also the world around them!

In addition, the event time will be adjusted to 3:00, 9:00, 15:00, and 21:00 daily, so as to make it more convenient for all our players. We also decided to modify the rewards of the event. The rewards will be halved, compared to the current standard, as this event is intended to provide the community with fun, and not just for profit.

So now is your chance to brush up on your quiz skills! Soon, you can show the whole community just how smart you really are!

To learn more about the Quiz Show, please visit the event page.

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