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New Function Enlightenment Poll

Date: Apr 07 2009 23:26:15 Source: Official Views:

To our players,

The CO team has designed a new function for the CO community - Enlightenment. With this new feature, veterans who are above level 90 can use Enlighten Points to enlighten the junior players whose levels are at least 20 levels below them. The enlightened one will obtain some extra experience for a certain time. With the Enlightenment, experienced players can help their newly arrived friends level-up a little easier.

How to get Enlighten Points:

  1. Players who are level 90 automatically gain 1 point daily.
  2. Using an Exp Potion or an Exp Ball gives veterans an extra 1/10 point; using a Dragon Ball gives 1/2 of a point.
  3. Nobles will also gain extra points daily: 1 point for Knights and Barons; 2 points for Earls and Dukes; 3 points for Princes; 4 points for Kings and Queens.
  4. For VIP players, they will gain the extra points daily based on their VIP level: 1 point for level 1 - 3; 2 points for level 4 - 5; 3 points for level 6.

To prevent abuse of this new function, all unused Enlighten Points will be reset at 00:00 everyday.

According to the introduction, do you support the release of the new "Enlightenment" feature?
a. Yes, it seems helpful.
b. No, it will just negatively affect the game.
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