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Conquer PK Point Reduction Poll

Date: Feb 24 2009 01:09:31 Source: Official Views:

According to the current PK rules, players who have over 1000 PK Points are unable to PK other players. The CO team has noticed that many players have accumulated a high number of PK Points, well beyond 1000, which would take a considerable amount of time for them to bring down to a normal level.

To help those players get back into the immersive PvP battles, the CO team would like to reduce the PK Points of all players over 1000, back down to 1000 points. However, considering some players intend to keep their glorious battle record, the CO team would like to listen to the opinions from of the CO community.

For players who have a high PK Point value, would you like CO to reduce it to 1000 for free?
a. Yes, I do.
b. No, I want to keep the record.