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CO Celebrity Valentine Special Report

Date: Feb 10 2009 02:44:26 Source: Official Views:

For the upcoming Valentine's Day, CO team will present Conquer community something romantic.

Blakeable is a famous player from Egypt. Many must have heard of the story that he fell in love with Magic_Morgana, a girl from Germany, and the two lovers later got married in the real life. Now Blakeable has accepted the Conquer Celebrity Interviews. He would like to share the romantic story between him and Morgana with the whole Conquer community!

Hello! How are you?
I'm doing great and I'm ready for the interview!
So have you decided where to start the interview?
Yes, the moon place.
All of sudden, Blakeable was shouting aloud.
Some one killed us in that map. Shit!.
Who attacked you two?
Is he powerful? You were 2 while he was just one.
No, we were afk. I thought it was a safe map too.
Haha, CO is a harsh world. We must always keep an eye on our backs.
Right. But I killed him too.

Ok, let's start it formally. First of all, can you give us a brief introduction about your family and its members?
My name is Sherif. I'm 25 known in Conquer as Blakeable and I got married to Melanie. She is 28 known in the game as Magic_Morgana. Now we have a 3-month-old baby boy whose name is Adam.

Harvey: Cool, many players know you are from Egypt. From which city? Cairo?
Blakeable: Yes Cairo, But now I'm living in Germany, Berlin with my wife.
Harvey: That is great. An international marriage in CO, many people are curious about your story.
Blakeable: Well I can imagine that because it's really hard to find some one that really matches u from a game or from the internet in general. And yes I'm so lucky to really play conquer that give me the chance to meet with my other half.
Harvey: How long had you known each other before meeting in real life?
Blakeable: Well, we started playing in Feb 2006. And then we met in real life and got engaged in Feb 2007. In May 2007 we got married in Cairo. So you can say we knew each other a year before meeting.
Harvey: Haha, are you indicating you two fell in love at first sight?

Well not really. Because its a funny story as we met we NEVER thought of anything as Love or getting married as well, I started to play conquer because I just broke up with my Ex-GF and the CO world was really the best thing for me to get away from that pain. On the other side Melanie was playing the game for the same reason and after playing together for 6 month we got married in the game.

And then we really started to open our hearts. I told her about my Ex-GF and she told me about her story too and then I wished for a GF like her and she accepted that and I didn't believe myself that she really accepted that. I guess I'm just LUCKY.

Harvey: Which server did you 2 meet on? What class did you choose?
Blakeable: Believe it or not we are only playing on one server Mausoleum-Wonders where we met. And Blakeable is My 1st character that I ever made then met my LOVE and same thing with Magic_Morgana. I'm Tro Tro tro 130 131 127 and she is Fire War Fire 131 131 124.
Harvey: So before you 2 met in egypt, were you already in love?
Blakeable: Yes exactly through playing and talking in the game.

Harvey:  Wow, now some questions for Melanie.
Melanie: Yes.
Harvey: Is what sherif said true?
Melanie: looool sure.
Harvey: Can you describe what kind of person Sherif is?
Melanie: Ok. Well he is a big and warm-hearted guy. He is very generous in life and when I get killed in the game OMG he goes crazy. Plus I never saw someone so open minded like him.
Harvey: A guy should always protect his family from any harm.
Melanie: True.
Harvey: Sherif. Do you agree with your wife's description? What do you think about her?

Hehe well 1st of all I didn't know that. I mean that my wife sees me like this. Sure I agree with her.

Umm and I can describe Melanie in one Word - Kindness. If you go in the game and ask about Her, every one will say she really has a kind heart. She always stands beside me in the hard times. In real life and she is a GREAT lover she doesn`t miss a trip. LOL she is a great person and I have really never seen a woman like my wife. I love her so much.

Harvey: That sounds really sweet.
Blakeable: Thanks and yea, it's so Sweet.

Harvey:  What are your vocations in real life?
Melanie: Hmmm before I had Adam I was working as technical assistant for preservation of monuments in Berlin.
Blakeable: And before I came to Germany I used to Study in Cairo. I was studying commerce and working at the same time as a team leader for an Australian telecommunication company. Now I'm learning German.

Wow, preservation of monuments. What is that about? Could you be more specific? I am quite curious.


Lol ok. I was project leader in my team. We used to do exactly: Search and discover the known and unknown monuments in our city. We start to get information about it from everywhere like museums and library. Then create flyer and books about it for the citizens so that they can go and visit it and get information about it. And also we did some archeological works.

Harvey:  Haha, truly a cool job. The same as Indiana Jones.
Melanie: Hehe just no gangs and no monument thieves.
Harvey:  Did you go the Egypt just to meet Sherif or also for travel?
Melanie: Just for sherif.
Harvey:  What convinced you to make the trip?

I told my sister about that guy Sherif from Egypt and our love, and I wished to see him.

Then she advised me to go and visit him. She said if you see him in real life and you think the same way as now, then he is the right one. So I decided to go to Egypt.

Just when the interview was going smoothly on the moon platform, a hostile Trojan jumped from nowhere. Before everyone notice him, he PKed the blue genie pig!

Harvey: Shit, I never knew someone could kill a GM.
Melanie: Don't worry, I killed him.
Harvey: It is a funny added extra episode for the interview. Back to the topic at hand, what happened after you met him?
Melanie: So afterward I met him in real life. He picked me up from the airport in Cairo. It was him with his bro, dad and his best friend. He was so cute and nervous like me. He asked me like 1000 times HOW ARE YOU DOING? As I saw him the first time I was blown away.

Hoho, you trully fell in love at the first sight. Sheriff, what was your feeling about the 1st meeting.


I was so so nervous. Her plane was 30 minutes late and I was like OMG it is a game; she is not coming now. But after a while I got a call from her. She is told  me that she was in Cairo airport and she was late because of the delay. Then I was like "OMG she is here". Then I started to ask my bro how do I look land what I shall say.

Harvey: When you saw her, what did your think?
Blakeable: Well that was funny. Because through the internet u never know how anyone looks like, even if they send pictures. In pictures she looks tall but in real life she is Short Shorty and the 1st thing I said to her "You are short" I know its funny but I was nervous.
Harvey: Was she pissed off by that?
Blakeable: Not at all. She said "yea, I know and I told you." and she was laughing.
Harvey: How long was the trip. Did something happen, like a proposal?
Blakeable: The trip was like 3 weeks in Cairo. Yes, a lot happened. As we met and start going out we really liked each other more and more so that we decided to get married. However, there were some obstacles with paper work. As we went to the German Embassy, they refused registering the marriage because Melanie has to bring special documents with her from the Government. And then there was the hard time.
Harvey: International marriage is romantic but also complicated. Were there any other difficulties that you faced?

We were disappointed and heart-broken because we didn't know when we could meet again. So we decided to get engaged on Feb 20th 07. And then she did it and came back with the paper work and the wedding dress. On May 8th, 2007, we got officially married

Umm the other big difficulty was my army status. I can't go to Germany or leave the country unless I have spent 2 years in the army. To get the paper to allow me to get out of Egypt without doing the army is hard, requiring a lot of time and paper work. But thank God, all went smoothly.
Harvey: What happened when you arrived in Germany?
Blakeable: I kissed my wife and got a warm welcome from my parents in-law.
Harvey: When did you have the little Adam?
Blakeable: On Nov 9th, 2008, he was born. And we will make a Ninja Character for him.
Harvey: What did you think about the Ninja class?
Blakeable: Well I didn't get the chance to create one yet. But I was so excited about it, and from the videos and people around, I can say one thing that Ninja will rule and add that something Refreshing to the game. My next step is a Ninja character.
Harvey: What are your hobbies, besides CO?

Music, I play guitar and make music. It's another side of me really. I used to have a band in Egypt and made a lot of Concerts. The band used to go with the name Puppets Squad, singing Rap and HipHop.

And Melanie used to make arts and painting. She is also a fan of table top games.

Harvey: Brilliant. At last, do you have something to say to theCO team and CO community?
Blakeable: well yea, I'd like to give a special thank to you and for the opportunity of sharing our love Story with all Conquer community. And also a big thank for Conquer that gave me the chance to meet my lovely wife. I'd like also to say thank you to Ivy from CO team. And again thank you for your sweet interview and the 3 Ninja T-Shirts for me my wife and little Adam. The T-shirts are AWESOME.

Thank your for accepting the interview. See you two in the future. Bye!

Blakeable: See ya.