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Ninja T-Shirts Now Taking Pre-orders

Date: Jan 08 2009 02:20:47 Source: Official Views:

has decided to go ahead with pre-orders for the Ninja promotional T-shirts. Interested? Well pre-orders will be taken from January 8th until January 22nd after which we will post the character names of those who we have received full details from. Be the first to order these promotional T-shirts. According to popular demand we have decided to remove the logo from the front of the t-shirt. There is only a small logo on the back near the collar.

This is a landmark occasion; it is the first time we have done such an offer. If proven successful there may be future plans to expand designs and perhaps offer additional merchandise. So new to us, that for this offer, we unfortunately cannot offer standard payment methods such as an online store.

How To Order:
Please, proceed to our online order form and fill-in the necessary information.

Additional Information:
If you are from one of the following countries, please contact your local distributors to pre-order our Ninja Promotional T-shirt


Distributor Information

Total Cost per T-shirt (USD)


Abeer Abdalhamed Ahmed Hassan
Arab Net(*.*.*tota*.*.*)
12 St.Eskander-Zaki From St. Sleem-Elawal Al-Naam
Tel: 002-022-6385960 002-012-2612300



Alfa Net Cafe
TUR:Hamidiye Mah. Park Cad. No:31/A inegöl, Bursa,
Posta Kodu: 16410
Sehir: Bursa
İlçe: İnegöl
Tel: +90 2247112382


Thank you for your cooperation and we hope to have this process streamlined for your convenience.

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