Christmas Gift Giving Event!

Date: Dec 24 2008 01:03:21 Source: Official Views:

Christmas is the day to send gifts to your friends. And now you can with Conquer Online!

Duration: Dec. 24th, 2008 - Jan. 24th, 2009 (00:00 PST)

Requirement: Purchase at least 2 TQ Cards (A/B) during event.

Event Content:
Purchase at least 2 TQ Cards (A/B) ---> Log in to the event page ---> Fill out the gift receiver's information and choose the gift --> Then, submit!

Once you meet requirements, you can send corresponding free gifts to your friend. For example, if you have purchased 2 TQ cards, you can send a free meteor, a free Christmas Firework or a free Christmas Cap, the system will create a gift bag and send it to your friend!

What gifts can I send?
Please click here to learn about the gifts!

For Gift Sender:

  1. Once you send a free gift to your friend, we will subtract the appropriate TQ card amount.
  2. If your TQ card amount is reduced to 0, you cannot send gifts any more.
  3. Once you send gift, it cannot be returned.
  4. You cannot send a gift to yourself.

For Gift Receiver:

  1. At least one space in your inventory must be empty.
  2. Please log in to the game and get your gift from the Prize NPC (185,170) in the market.

Give your friends or your beloved a big surprise this Christmas with Conquer Online!


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