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Results for Olympic Athlete Pose Competition

Date: Aug 31 2008 20:34:12 Source: Official Views:

The Results for OAPC have been released.
Are you one of the lucky ones?
Want to know if you have won the Olympic mascot dolls and DBs?
Visit our OAPC Result Page to see the final results of this interesting competition!

In the last month we've received many submissions and we would like to thank you all very much; especially, to all of our players for joining the OAPC event and being very creative and active with the submissions! We have received about 625 pictures, of which 331 qualified for the Olympic Athlete Pose Competition.

We had put up 18 pictures for our players to choose from for the "Most Popular" reward. The team chose another 3 pictures to for the "Most Humorous" and 3 for the "Most Creative". You can view all the 9 lucky winners on our OAPC Result Page.

Congratulation to all the winners!!!
For 1st and 2nd prize winner, please email us your post addresses as soon as possible. We are going to send out the Olympic 2008 Mascot Dolls and our Scratch Cards as soon as we confirm your post address with you.

Thanks again and Congratulations !!!