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Vote for the MOST POPULAR Picture for OAPC

Date: Aug 27 2008 00:13:25 Source: Official Views:

The whole set of Olympic 2008 mascot dolls is awaiting a Master!
16 DBs are also looking for a master!!!


The submissions are now closed for the Olympic Athlete Pose Competition. Thanks to our players for joining this OAPC event in the last 20 days.

Now, it is time to vote. Please visit our OAPC event page and vote for your favorite pictures. Currently 18 pictures out of 336 have been chosen officially for voting for the "Most Popular" prize.

The "Most Creative" and "Most Humorous" will be chosen directly by the CO team. All the results will be announced on August 31st.

Want to vote for your favorite pictures for the OAPC?
Come and vote here.

Good Luck!