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Update 5: Olympic Athlete Pose Competition

Date: Aug 24 2008 22:54:41 Source: Official Views:


1. Pictures for OAPC event will not be accepted after PDT 8:00PM August 26th.
2. Visit our OAPC Page to check out this event and upload your pictures as soon as possible.
3. 10-15 pictures will be chosen officially for voting for the "Most Popular" prize. Keep yourself up-to-date with OAPC related news.
4. "Most Creative" and "Most Humorous" will be chosen directly by the CO team. All the results will be announced on August 31st.
5. The Dragon Ball Lucky Draw has finished today as the In-Game Quest finished on the 24th as well along with the Beijing Olympic Games 2008.

Here are some fun and creative pictures from our players to share:

Long Jump (click to zoom in)

Congratulations! (click to zoom in)

Tennis (click to zoom in)

Boxing (click to zoom in)

Beach Volleyball (click to zoom in)

Football (click to zoom in)