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Update 1: Olympic Athlete Pose Competition

Date: Aug 11 2008 23:34:30 Source: Official Views:

Good news! We have received more than 80 pictures from our awesome players in the last few days. The received pictures have been very creative and impressive. You can visit our OAPC page and click on images on the page to see all the pictures which have met our requirements on the display page. Keep in mind, we have a reward for the "Most Popular" prize which really depends on the player voting. You can vote for your favorite pictures on the display page.

Also, we received wishes from our players on the OAPC page as well. Currently there are more than 400 wishes for the Olympic Games and Conquer on the Wish Page. However, those messages which contain inappropriate messages will be deleted.

Here are some of the creative pictures uploaded by our players:

1. Basketball (click to enlarge)

2.SynchronizedSwimming (click to enlarge)

3. Boxing (click to enlarge)

4. Long Jump (click to enlarge)

Visit our official forum to discuss your pictures with others.