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Sign Up for Guild Leader of WPKT (Dragon & Eagle)

Date: Aug 10 2008 22:59:59 Source: Official Views:

On August 3rd, we successfully held the first World PK Tournament (Test) with the participation of Light and Fire. Thanks for their cooperation, and we have modified some features to make the WPKT even better.

So, we have decided to choose two servers as test servers to join the WPKT 2008 again. They are Dragon and Eagle servers!

The winning guild will be rewarded 3-days of Double EXP! The second place guild will also win 1-day of Double EXP!
The winner of the last WPKT (Test) was Fire.
The Double EXP event will be carried out together with Dragon and Eagle after the result comes out.

Here is something you need to note to attend the test World PK Tournament between Dragon and Eagle.

  1. The WPKT server will be up at 19:00 August 24th PDT.
  2. The guild war will start at 19:30 August 24th PDT. So you have 30 minutes to prepare for the battle.
  3. The war will end at 21:00 PDT. The guild which owns the guild map will be the winner at last. The WPKT server will be closed at 21:30 PDT.
  4. The Guide and Village Gateman in the Birth Village, who send you to Twin city, will be temporarily removed.
  5. The Guild Controller, who teleports you to the guild map, will check your character level. You should be level 90 or above.
  6. Only characters at level 90 or above are allowed to log in the server.

As the test competition is going to start soon, we need to select the leader of both servers. Each server will have one leader and 5 deputy leaders. We are going to put several candidates for leader voting. If you are interested in being a leader, please prepare the following information for us:

  1. Your character's basic information: name, profession, level, server  
    Attention: Name should not contain improper words. Otherwise, you cannot be the candidate for WPKT.
  2. Your character's items and gear
  3. Your character's experience in guild war

Please send the application to Your subject should be Sign Up for Guild Leader of WPKT (Dragon server) or Sign Up for Guild Leader of WPKT (Eagle server). Also notice that only players from Dragon and Eagle are qualified to vote for a guild leader at this time and applications will not be accepted after 0:00 August 15th PDT.


What is WPKT 2008?

In the World PK Tournament, all the players in each server participate as one guild. The WPKT will be held in a World PK Server (WPKS), where two guilds (servers) will compete with each other. The participants will log into the WPKS with the same character as what they are in their servers, but participants will be separated in the different guilds which have the same name as their servers. The Battle will last 1.5 hours. The team who takes over the Guild Map will be the winner. WPKT 2008 will be held in all the servers of the Conquer world.